Easy Connections

The past few weeks and months have been hard. The uncertainty and the pain that so many are experiencing right now is heavy.

Through this heaviness it is easy to lose hope or lose sight of what is important. I realize that my reality is very privileged and easy, so to complain about this doesn’t really seem allowed, but my heart still
feels it.

When I am feeling like this, trying to do everything that I’m supposed to do seems impossible. Reading and studying seems too hard. Even though I know it will help, I sometimes struggle to make it happen.

Luckily, God speaks through many different mediums.

When life is feeling hard or overwhelming, these 3 things are super easy to add into my life to remind me of my purpose and to feel closer to Christ.

  1. Art. I have never really been into art, but through social media, I have discovered several artists whose works have helped me feel the spirit. Creation is a divine gift, and I know that is why it is easy to feel that connection through art.

Some of my favorites are:

2. Podcasts. Listening is much easier for me than reading. I often work around the house with earbuds in. When I need some peace and connection, I Iove listening to inspiring and empowering words of others who are sharing their light with the world.

Some of my favorites are:

Spiritually Minded Mom and All In

3. Music. Music touches my spirit easier than anything else. Listening to the right music helps me to feel God and to feel my emotions freely.

Some of my favorites are:

Lauren Daigle and The Piano Guys

These things are all very easy to add into my life. Instead of listening to whatever is on the radio, I can replace it with an inspiring podcast. I can follow people on social media who help me connect with God. I can display meaningful art and have uplifting music in my home. All of these things can help me have more peace and perspective in my life–to keep going, even when things feel hard.

So, if you are ever feeling like life is too hard, or you are feeling disconnected and overwhelmed, try doing something “easy” to help you connect. Once you connect to Him, peace will come.

What do you do to connect to the divine when you are feeling a bit far off?

Featured Image – Adrianna Calvo from Pexels