Kay is the founder of “A Worldwide Sisterhood” and “Distinct and Different”, and the creator of #liftwomensevents, #5days5women, and the #testimoniesofChrist series.

Kay is sealed to her very best friend for over 20 years. She is a mother of two children, both adopted from birth. She has journeyed through racism, years of infertility, miscarriage, a failed adoption, adoption of her two children, and raising their daughter who has multiple physical & mental special needs.

Kay loves her Savior, Jesus Christ, and has gained her own testimony of Him through personal revelation that has come through life experiences, study, faith, and seeking Him daily.

Kay has been invited to speak at many events, contributed to several blogs, and has been interviewed on several podcasts. She is also the author of a few books, recently released and coming soon. And she supports her children in their business raising awareness and kindness for all children with special needs.

Kay is a speaker, author, a great listener, and a supporter of all women navigating their way through this crazy thing called life. You will often find her with a good book, chocolate ice cream, wearing a cute pair of shoes, and her handsome husband holding her hand.

Kay is Japanese Canadian and currently resides in Utah, USA.

You can connect with Kay on Instagram or here at A Worldwide Sisterhood.


Audra is our Content Manager and Creative Director. She and her husband have three children.

Audra is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. If you were to drop by her house, you would most likely find her in a favorite pair of leggings with a book in one hand and a cookie in the other.

Audra loves inspiring others through public speaking and writing. She has been featured on several podcasts, including This is the Gospel podcast and Spiritually Minded Mom. She has written articles for communities such as Work + Wonder and A Voice of Gladness.

Audra has also been a local presenter at Time Out for Women in Raleigh, NC. Other interests include baking, photography, and fitness.

Audra created and hosted a retreat for Christian women in North Carolina which allowed her to combine some of her favorite passions – unity, friendship, and developing personal relationships with the Savior.

Audra currently resides in North Carolina, USA.

You can connect with Audra on Instagram or on any of A Worldwide Sisterhood platforms.


Rhonda is our Digital Illustrator and part of our Content Team.

Rhonda is a life long member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints thanks to her parents joining the church when they were younger.

Rhonda was married to her love, Regan, in 2000 and together they have 5 unique, creative, incredibly smart kids. Rhonda feels completely overwhelmed with the many humans she must boss around.

They love music in their house of all kinds (really except Rap) from the different lessons her kids take to the various basement concerts they host.

Rhonda likes to pretend she’s organized, but really she’s an unorganized spontaneous creative extrovert. She’s interested in learning everything and seeing everywhere and anywhere.

Rhonda loves traveling and seeing different places but Waterton Parks, Alberta, Canada is her favorite place to visit.

Rhonda is a bit obsessed with bread (in fact a “bread head”) and she loves baking and cooking anything, especially if it is difficult to bake. She doesn’t go many days without baking something. She loves pretty much all good food and her husband teases her that she’s a food snob but she’ll kindly accept any treats you want to make her.

Rhonda is a professional photographer, a “for fun” painter, an obsessive memory keeper, a quick reader, and a lover of nature. She will talk to pretty much anyone and loves making new friends and considers herself great at friend matching – helping match people who be good friends with each other.

Rhonda is terrible at saying no to things so she’s currently sitting on 3 town boards in her lovely town of Raymond, Alberta, Canada. She loves to discuss the different aspects of the gospel and currently serves as a ward gospel doctrine teacher. 

Rhonda currently resides in Alberta, Canada.

You can connect with Rhonda on Instagram, on Facebook, on her Website, at Artful Heart, or on any of A Worldwide Sisterhood’s platforms.


Renee is part of our Content & Creative Team at A Worldwide Sisterhood.

Renee was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, is of Samoan/Chinese descent, and has been living in Australia for 11 years. Renee and her husband met at the very first YSA Conference held in New Zealand (Hamilton), in 2009—were engaged three weeks later, and married for eternity two months later, in the Hamilton, New Zealand Temple. They have five little ones.

Renee is a creative who loves pretty much anything arts and crafts related. Hand lettering gospel quotes and scriptures are her favourite pastimes. Renee is an encourager, a loyal friend, and loves cheering on other women. It doesn’t matter if she’s known you for years or just met you—in person or online—she will cheer you on in what you’re pursuing.

Renee is a firm believer that all things are possible when you choose to include the Lord in your life. Renee started @inspiringwomenwhoknow, in October 2018, after feeling the Spirit to do so. In March 2019, that space morphed into being about personal revelation, after the Spirit brought back to her remembrance of a very tender time in her life—the passing of her very first friend in Brisbane.

Renee’s message is that one of the most powerful ways we can draw closer to the Saviour is through personal revelation. It is her hope that women in the gospel, throughout the world, come to know for themselves the spiritual power they have within to access heaven’s help on a daily basis, as they “Seek, to find Him.”

Renee currently resides in Australia.

Renee is currently taking some time to pursue personal and family matters, but you will continue to see her pop in every once in a while.

You can connect with Renee on Instagram or on any of A Worldwide Sisterhood platforms.


Melissa has endured a number of life’s challenges but has found greater strength through her faith in the Savior. She strives to share with others how purpose, resilience, and healing all come through Jesus Christ, and while covering these big topics, she is known to jump up and down and excitedly say, “Jesus is awesome!”

“I want to help women realize that they have such a capacity for greatness. When we do our best and rely on the Savior, wonderful things can happen.”

Melissa lives in Las Vegas with her husband and twin toddlers. She is a stay-at-home mom by day and a writer by night. Her favorite things to do in her free time are sleep and read—especially the scriptures.

You can connect with Melissa on Instagram or on her website I’m Learning to Thrive.


Jamie is an artist, writer in search of the wonder in the middle of the ordinary day, and creator of a series of journals.

She offers free journal prompt videos each month on her YouTube channel to help women plan out their days with intention.

Jamie is the creator of a series of journals to empower women to create, savor, and document the moments of their one precious life.

She believes that our lives can be wonderful as we journey to the One who is called, “Wonderful,” even our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Find her free Week of Wonder challenge and journaling resources over on her blog:

A wife and mother of four, Jamie currently resides in Utah, USA.

You can connect with Jamie on InstagramFacebookPinterest, or on her Website.


Karen has grown from being a shy child who wouldn’t say a word to stepping outside her comfort zone each day to inspire others to see what they are capable of as they put their faith and trust in God. She loves the simple joys that life brings and has learned that they are ways that God shows his love for his children. You can find her free “Recognizing God’s Love” gratitude course on her blog.

Karen has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Brigham Young University Idaho and is a certified life coach where she is devoted to helping families realize their divine worth and potential. She has been passionately studying personal development since she was 15 and loves to share the things that she has learned. On Instagram each week she shares affirmation videos for recognizing your worth and potential as well as tips for deepening your connection with self, family, and God.   

She and her husband, Jordan, are enjoying their life together with their 3 girls who give Karen much of her inspiration. She recently wrote the book, “Raising Super C Kids” where she shares the things that have helped her to teach her kids confidence, courage, compassion, and connection. Karen currentlay calls California, USA home.

You can connect with Karen on InstagramFacebook, or on her Website.


Ever since Megan was a child, she has been interested in family history. She loved reading about her ancestors and looking at their photographs.

As a young mother, she would attempt to do family history, but always felt overwhelmed and worried that she would do something wrong. Finally, she followed the prompting she had felt to get a family history degree. She began with the PathwayConnect program three years ago and is now gradutaed with her Family History Research degree from BYU-Idaho.

She is now working toward becoming an accredited professional genealogist.

Megan is passionate about sharing what she has learned with other women. She is determined to make family history work less intimidating and overwhelming and hopes that she can help others see the joy and power that comes from this great work. 

A wife and mother of seven, Megan currently resides in Alberta, Canada.

You can connect with Megan on InstagramYouTubeTwitterFacebook, or on her Website.


Camille is happily married to her husband for almost 26 years now! Together, they are trying hard to survive raising their five kids. She has two adult children, two teenagers, and an 8-year-old.  She has started her 18th year of homeschooling and is still trying to figure things out!

As a stay-at-home mom, Camille’s favorite things are reading books, electric blankets, writing, working on her “very little farm”, and dancing while doing the dishes. She needs to trademark her “mom dance” that the kids love to mock her over.

Camille is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is always wearing out her copy of the conference talks. When she is not in an apron or highlighting the latest book she is reading, Camille spends time taking kids to music lessons, debate tournaments, gymnastics classes, and wrestling competitions.  

 One of Camille’s greatest achievements is losing 75 pounds in the year 2020 and is on the way to releasing the last 25 pounds in 2021.

Camille currently resides in Utah, USA with her family.

You can connect with Camille on InstagramFacebook, or on her Website.


McKell is a wife, mother, writer, speaker, life coach, podcaster, and gratitude enthusiast.

McKell is the creator of the Unto Joy workbook and is an advocate for helping all women know they belong.

McKell shares beautifully meaningful thoughts and ideas while inspiring you to find stillness in your life. She helps remind us all of our worth, and all that is of importance in our daily lives.

McKell is dedicated to sharing the tools that saved her life and finding joy all along the way.

When she’s not creating, you can find her out on the farm with her two boys, Conrad and Oliver.

McKell currently resides in Utah, USA.

You can connect with McKell on Instagram, on her Podcast, through her Products, or on her Website.


Alana is a wife, podcaster, vlogger, storyteller, and life lesson enthusiast. 

One of her favorite things is seeing others find joy in the progress of life.

Alana set out to define joy and its principles after years of being asked for her secret to being so happy despite difficult circumstances.

She went on to identify 7 Principles of Joy and started defining joy as: the peace felt as we recognize God’s hands in our life, acknowledge the progress we are making in becoming like Him, and find meaningful ways to uplift those around us.

You can often find Alana with her husband Sione. Together they explore the Pacific Northwest and share life lessons from their adventures on their YouTube channel, the Recounting Life Lessons podcast, and their blog:

Alana currently resides in Washington State, USA, but frequently visits Utah and Hawaii.

You can connect with Alana on Instagram here and here, on YouTube, on her Podcast, or on her Website.


Crystal is a believer in human dignity and seeks to anchor that principle in her life.  She is a lover of music, art, fashion, and poetry and seeks to find and share the grace of Christ through these media. She especially loves creating beautiful things. Crystal has collected many stories, through the experiences she has endured, some of which she will share with you. 

Originally from Jamaica, Crystal lives in Utah with her son and works as a criminal law attorney advocating for crime victims further fulfilling her dedication to being a tangible force for good in the world. She serves her community of Utah by serving on the Board of the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault. In her past lives, she worked in justice reform, speech writing, and owned a bridal atelier.

Crystal currently resides in Utah, USA.

You can connect with Crystal on Instagram, or on her Website.


Amber is a speaker, writer, teacher of nine years, wife, mother of three, and lover of chocolate.

Teaching about Christ and His Atonement which allows us to learn, grow, and become, is a passion of hers. Amber’s desire is to share hope, testimony, and light with all.

Amber feels far from perfect, but knows as we share, learn and commune together, we can be united, stronger, and face the challenges of our day with faith and trust in our Savior and our Heavenly Parents.

You can connect with Amber on Instagram or on her Website.


Stephanie is an author, blogger, and mom of two energetic girls. She loves anything creative and struggles to pick one thing to focus on. Because of this, she is constantly looking to learn new skills and loves taking online courses.

Stephanie has published two books and is currently learning more about publishing. She hopes to start her own publishing company so she can help other new authors publish and market their works on a low budget.

She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Dietetics and loves talking about health. She loves making nutritious meals but often struggles to find time with her new family. She hopes to write more and provide support to other young moms struggling to find the time to care for their health.

She served a mission in Nampa, Idaho. Stephanie has a deep gratitude for the Atonement of the Savior and desires to share His hope and light with others.

You can connect with Stephanie on Instagram or find her books here.