Women of Christ

When our beloved prophet, a man called of God to lead and guide us all in these latter-days. A man we sustain and look to for guidance and direction when he stands and says that faithful women are “vital associates during this winding-up scene,” and these women are the fulfillment of prophecy, I believe him.

There is such goodness in women of God. Women of Christ.

There is humility, charity, faith, and work. When others seem to falter, faithful women seem to find strength and courage found only in their Savior, Jesus Christ that undeniably allows them to carry on and faithfully move forward to fulfill God’s plan.

These women lift those around them, encourage others, and sustain the Prophet and Apostles in every way. These women know how to walk a covenant path, and more importantly, know what it takes to continue on the covenant path.

These women live in humility, knowing that efforts seen by the Lord are seen enough, and service given to God is service well rendered.

These women know how to shine light and know the light they shine is that of Jesus Christ.

Our individual light may be like only one light bulb on a tree. But we still shine our small light, and all together, like Temple Square at Christmastime, we attract millions of people to the house of the Lord. Best of all, as President Nelson has encouraged, we can bring the Savior’s light to ourselves and the people important to us by the simple act of keeping our covenants. In a variety of ways, the Lord rewards that faithful act with power and with joy.

Sharon L. Eubank

All these women are you. You lift and love. You serve and give. You humbly walk a covenant path and continue to. And you shine the light of Christ for all to see.

You are a valiant woman of Christ.

There is strength, humility, honor, integrity, and courage in you. I am grateful for your examples and testimonies of Christ which strengthen my own.

Even through hardship, we thank you for a beautiful, uplifting year, because you made it so.

Thank you for being here, thank you for this beautiful community that would not be the same without you and your beautiful light.

We wish you a beautiful Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

With love always,

Kay, & my team Audra, Rhonda, & Renee

Featured Image – Dan Wilson


Kay is the founder of “A Worldwide Sisterhood” and “Distinct and Different”, and the creator of #liftwomensevents, #5days5women, and the #testimoniesofChrist series.

Kay is sealed to her very best friend for over 20 years. She is a mother of two children, both adopted from birth. She has journeyed through racism, years of infertility, miscarriage, a failed adoption, adoption of her two children, and raising their daughter who has multiple physical & mental special needs.

Kay loves her Savior, Jesus Christ, and has gained her own testimony of Him through personal revelation that has come through life experiences, study, faith, and seeking Him daily.

Kay has been invited to speak at many events, contributed to several blogs, and has been interviewed on several podcasts. She is also the author of a few books, recently released and coming soon. And she supports her children in their business raising awareness and kindness for all children with special needs.

Kay is a speaker, author, a great listener, and a supporter of all women navigating their way through this crazy thing called life. You will often find her with a good book, chocolate ice cream, wearing a cute pair of shoes, and her handsome husband holding her hand.

Kay is Japanese Canadian and currently resides in Utah, USA.

You can connect with Kay on Instagram or here at A Worldwide Sisterhood.