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Making My Savior a Priority

I have spent the last 18 months making my relationship with my Savior a priority.

“In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.”

Russell M Nelson, ‘Revelation for the Church, Revelation For Our Lives,’ April 2018 General Conference

I took that prophetic warning to heart. I started early morning scripture study, meditations, and studying many of the extra things on the church website. There is so much, it will take me years to really get through it all! While having this focused goal on the Savior, I noticed a couple of side effects I hadn’t planned on.

First, I have been feeling lately that the Lord isn’t speaking to me, that perhaps the Heavens are silent. I was talking to my dad about this last summer and he suggested that I am feeling the spirit, but I have been so immersed in it that I’m not aware of it. Think of it like a swimming pool. When you first jump in, the water feels cold and can sometimes take your breath away. After a bit, your body adjusts and you don’t notice the temperature of the water at all…. until you get back out and start freezing!

I’m not sharing this to brag about having a great relationship with the Lord. I share this, because I think a lot of times we are doing just fine and things aren’t “wrong”. Sometimes we just need to keep swimming in that pool.

Second, concern for my children feeling the spirit and getting their own revelation for their lives. As a mother, I need to remember to pass the knowledge I have gained on to them. I need to encourage them to seek their own inspiration and not rely so much on my inspiration for them. I still seek inspiration for my children, but I have 2 that are full grown adults living their own lives. My third is less than a year from being an adult. The adults are on their own living their own lives, receiving promptings, and learning from their life experiences. I have decided I need to focus on my teens to help them recognize their Savior and teach them to be in the habit of turning to Him.

My 17 year old has been trying to decide what she wants to do after high school. She has been praying, fasting, studying and reading her patriarchal blessing. A few days ago, she to came me with a very reasonable plan and said that she really felt the Lord’s hand guiding her decision. She recognized it took effort and time on her part, and she also recognized what the gentle nudge of the spirit feels like.

After doing all we can to invite the Spirit to be with us, we need to just jump in the pool and enjoy. Sometimes enduring to the end doesn’t require anything beyond just that… continuing to do what we already are and enjoying the warmness of the water.

Artwork By: Cameron and Jill Clark of Pixel Canvas Prints


Camille is happily married to her husband for almost 26 years now! Together, they are trying hard to survive raising their five kids. She has two adult children, two teenagers, and an 8-year-old.  She has started her 18th year of homeschooling and is still trying to figure things out!

As a stay-at-home mom, Camille’s favorite things are reading books, electric blankets, writing, working on her “very little farm”, and dancing while doing the dishes. She needs to trademark her “mom dance” that the kids love to mock her over.

Camille is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is always wearing out her copy of the conference talks. When she is not in an apron or highlighting the latest book she is reading, Camille spends time taking kids to music lessons, debate tournaments, gymnastics classes, and wrestling competitions.  

 One of Camille’s greatest achievements is losing 75 pounds in the year 2020 and is on the way to releasing the last 25 pounds in 2021.

Camille currently resides in Utah, USA with her family.

You can connect with Camille on InstagramFacebook, or on her Website.