Because of Him

As I have pondered about Christ this Easter season, my heart has once again been full of gratitude for His life.

He spent His entire life in service of others, ultimately giving His life for our salvation.

D&C 88:15 states, “And the spirit and the body are the soul of man.”  This speaks to the reality of the sanctity of our bodies.  Our SOUL, who we are, cannot be complete without our bodies.

Without the sacrifice of our Savior, not one person who has ever lived, ever will live, or is currently living would be resurrected. Our spirits would forever be disconnected from our bodies.

Joseph Smith stated:

We came to this earth that we might have a body and present it pure before God in the Celestial Kingdom. The great principle of happiness consists in having a body. The Devil has no body, and herein is his punishment.

Joseph Smith

The Savior quite literally saved us from the fate of becoming like Satan, never being able to reconnect with our mortal frame, never being able to progress, and thus, never being able to obtain true, eternal joy through the plan of salvation.

Our bodies are so special, so important, so holy, so essential to the plan of happiness-do we treat them as such?  Do we honor our bodies?

Do we respect it, nourish it, and honor the sacrifice the Savior made to ensure we could rise as a perfected being?

I often take time to study and recognize the sacrifice of the Savior regarding my spirit, my eternal salvation, my ability to repent and be forgiven, to change my heart through the Atonement; but I do not always remember to acknowledge the sanctity of my body.

Our bodies are sacred.  That is why the Lord asks us to be careful in how we use our bodies and what we do to them. 

Satan uses everything within his power to get us to hate our bodies, to abuse them, to want to change them, make them “better” in the eyes of the world.  Why?

Because he will never have a body. He will never know full joy. He will never be complete. That is his punishment.

Do not allow him to remove your love for your gift. A priceless gift that will be with you throughout eternity. Granted it will be in a perfect state, but nonetheless, I believe it is our job to love our bodies here, now, and more fully integrate our body and spirit during this mortal journey.

Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “My body is sacred. It is beautiful. I am worth His sacrifice.”

Your body is sacred. It is beautiful. You are worth His sacrifice.

Courage, Amber 


Amber is a speaker, writer, teacher of nine years, wife, mother of three, and lover of chocolate.

Teaching about Christ and His Atonement which allows us to learn, grow, and become, is a passion of hers. Amber’s desire is to share hope, testimony, and light with all.

Amber feels far from perfect, but knows as we share, learn and commune together, we can be united, stronger, and face the challenges of our day with faith and trust in our Savior and our Heavenly Parents.

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