The Gift of Christ

In every sunrise and sunset, in every piece of artwork that speaks to my heart, in every stranger that smiles, I see Him.

In every bout of laughter, in every song of a bird, in every kind word that is spoken, I hear Him.

In every warm embrace, in every drop of rain, in every moment of stillness, I feel Him. 

In every way I can comprehend, I love Him.

But how often have I forgotten that likewise…

In every joy, in every sorrow, in every moment I feel alone, He sees me. 

In every hymn I sing, in every piece of my heart I share, in every single uttered prayer, He hears me.

In every moment of praise, and pain, and overpowering peace, He feels me.

And in every ounce of His divine being, He too loves me.

And so too does He love you.

Christ’s love extends beyond our capacity of comprehension, and my heart rejoices in the knowledge that He is not only willing to be a part of our lives, but deeply desires and yearns to encircle us with His abundant love and grace. He is the Prince of Peace, the Indescribable Gift, the Light of the World, our Rock and Redeemer, our one true and eternal source of joy.

My hope is that you will recognize that His love extends to you, always. His grace is sufficient and He is never far. I testify that He is the Christ, and bear witness that He performs miracles even today. He heals, He hears, He lives, He loves.

If you are seeking to know Him, seek to know joy. For where there is joy, there is Christ.

And what a gift that is.

Featured image by McKell